Notts NUS Referendum results delayed over weekend after complaints

Results should be announced today

After a week of Nottingham students voting on whether we should continue to be affiliated to the National Union of Students, the results have been delayed over this weekend to handle complaints.

Voting closed on Thursday but the Elections committee posted it would delay the results to “allow more time to consider electoral complaints and the return of election receipts”.

The successful petition for a referendum at Nottingham was set up by Blake Purchase, a second year German and Politics student and General Secretary of Nottingham University Conservative Association (NUCA). Speaking to The Tab about the delay, he said:

“Despite the NUS spending hundreds on bussing activists up to Nottingham and ensuring the Yes Campaign was extremely well resourced, our core message clearly resonated. We hope that the evidently partisan SU is as transparent as possible following this delay in the announcement of results.”

The results are set to be announced later today.