Nominate Nottingham’s BNOC of the Year 2016

Just who is the biggest name on campus?


Winning the Oscar was the pinnacle of Leonardo DiCaprio’s career. Winning Wimbledon was the pinnacle of Andy Murray’s career. What would be the pinnacle of any student’s University of Nottingham career? Well, that would surely be winning BNOC of the Year.

University is about a lot of things: making friends, studying hard, and really, truly finding yourself. But for some, it’s about something more; it’s about being an absolute total legend.

We want to find these total legends and immortalise their status. Whether it’s the president of your society, the captain of your team, someone from that Surrey clique who seems to know everyone, or just your underdog mate – we want you to nominate them.

At first they’ll fake outrage and embarrassment: “OMG Sarah, I can’t believe you nominated me, that’s soooo out of order”. But really, they’ll bloody love it. We like to think university is the time we grow up and mature into adults, but in reality university is just one big popularity contest – and BNOC of the Year is the biggest contest of all.

So, just what makes a BNOC?

1. DISGUSTING LEVELS OF POPULARITY –  as the acronym suggests, they need to be someone everyone knows. Whether they’re walking up Portland Hill, in the gym, or getting the jagers in at Crisis; everyone around them knows who they are, or at the very least has Facebook stalked them. Anonymity is not a concept BNOCs are familiar with.

2. THEY’RE THAT GUY or GIRL –  you may never have met the person, but their name is constantly associated with a certain function or purpose within the university community. For example “you know the X guy? The guy who is always at Y with X! X Guy!”

3.  INEFFABLE UBIQUITY – neither you nor anyone you know has ever actually met this person directly, nor do you know what their purpose or function within the university actually is, but you all know their name anyway.

If you instantly thought of a name while reading this, then tell us about them.