You can now contour your legs – this has gone too far

Imagine the morning after

Contouring our faces has become huge recently, with beauty gurus and YouTubers making tutorials on how to create the illusion of bone structure.

But now, there are people showing us how to contour our legs.  In a sultry video by makeup artist Nikki French, she slathers three different coloured liquids onto her limbs, drawing on muscles where they should be. And she is being serious.

There are so many reasons why this is wrong. Firstly, it looks terrifying, and who even has the time? If I manage to get makeup on my face before a 9am I’ll call that a success, don’t expect me to start drawing on muscular legs too.

As shown in the video – you’d have to get someone else to do it for you as well. I doubt any of us would react with anything but laughter if one of our friends suddenly asked us to spend 20 minutes contouring and highlighting our legs.

Then there’s the awkward fact of what it would look like the next morning. If we start to fake that much of ourselves, after the inevitable one night stands we will wake up having stained the sheets with a different looking pair of legs.

In clubs, our friends and total strangers will watch our illusion of perfection melting away – literally – as we sweat off our hours of contouring efforts or heaven forbid someone spills their Jagerbomb all over you and you are left standing in a pool of brown sludge.

Yes, I contour my face, but I will never ever go to these lengths to attempt to look hotter. Cheekbones are something that nothing but makeup can improve. I hope this is a trend that doesn’t catch on, for everyone’s sake.