Has your home been invaded by the curious cat of Lenton?

There’s a new cat on the block – and his name is Ace

A local cat is on the prowl in Lenton, bringing smiles to unsuspecting students in exchange for tuna and tummy rubs.

Such is his inquisitive nature, the curious kitty – called Ace according to his collar – has earned himself a reputation for scurrying into student houses uninvited, meowing at people’s doors, and making guest appearances at pre-drinks and house parties.

Ace first rose to stardom in January this year via a post on the Nottingham Buy/Sell Tickets Facebook page. It read: “Has anyone lost a cat? Says Ace on the tag. Followed me home and won’t leave”.

The post gathered a meow-tain of likes and comments, as dozens of students immediately recognised the furry feline. Many responded with their own pictures and anecdotes, tagging their friends, and another similar post on the page last week confirmed that the Big Cat On Campus is still up to his old tricks.

Just some of the pictures from the Facebook post

English student Phoebe Dunklin, who has been visited by the meddlesome moggy twice in the last week, said: “I opened the door to let a friend in and the cat came in behind her. Ace was comfortable with everyone and seemed to love all the attention. He walked around the house as if he owned it and when I tried to let him leave he was insistent on staying. I think it was because we gave him some tuna.”

Isobel Woodward, a second year Finance, Accounting and Management student, recalls when Ace attended a party at her house: “He got in our house via the back garden. There were people smoking outside and he decided to come and say hello. He’s visited our house before and we’ve had some great times. I hope he comes back.”

He doesn’t like straws

Ace’s permanent home is allegedly on Rolleston Drive, according to multiple Facebook commenters – although he now holds a special place in all our hearts.