Derby Road burglar steals third year’s revision notes and laptop

Her purse, bank cards and memory stick were also taken

Last night a third year’s house on Derby Road was broken into using a crow bar.

A bag containing revision notes, a laptop and purse were stolen.

Psychology third year Heather Silcock and her housemates were asleep when the break-in happened.

Heather told The Tab: “I’d left my bag on the sofa downstairs as I usually do at night but when I came down this morning I noticed it wasn’t there.

“We checked the house and realised it had been stolen so we called the police and they came in about 40 minutes.

“They think whoever took it broke in through the back door using a crow bar”.

Crime Scene Investigators came round this morning to look for fingerprints and evidence of breaking and entering and took the girls’ fingerprints for comparison.

Where the burglar entered

“CSI looked outside the backdoor and noticed fresh marks that showed the burglar’s point of entry and they also found a footprint.

“What’s strange is that nothing else was taken apart from my bag and there was even a watch on the table next to it that was still there this morning.

“It’s just really upsetting and annoying as all of my revision, essay plans and notes are now gone and I didn’t manage to back everything up.

“They also took my purse with my student card, ID, bank cards and money in it.”

Looking for prints

Heather’s housemate, Philly van Kan said: “You’re wrong to assume that you’ll be safe living on a main road.

“Even though our whole house was locked and secure, the burglar still managed to get in, which is terrifying.

With deadlines and exams looming, this burglary could not come at a more unfortunate time, especially for a third year.

Heather has asked anyone who may know anything about this incident, or who finds a blue shoulder bag hopefully still containing Heather’s contents,  to please contact the police or The Tab immediately.