Notts Vice-Chancellor says political correctness is ‘killing free speech’

He said uni should be a ‘haven’ for free speech

Sir David Greenway, Vice-Chancellor for the University of Nottingham, has said political correctness is getting in the way of free speech.

The Vice-Chancellor believes that unis should stand up to Student Unions who are trying to ban controversial speakers.

Professor Greenway told The Times that by unions banning certain speakers, they narrow the boundaries of what constitutes acceptable debates.

Earlier this year, UCL banned an ex-student from talking about his experience fighting against ISIS.

Greenway argued that it is harmful to the culture of universities which should be seen as a safe haven for different opinions.

Sir David explained: “It’s a bit like this online petition that went viral to ban Donald Trump from visiting the UK, and Scotland in particular.

“His views are bonkers but the right response is not to say ‘therefore we ban him’.

“You have him in, you listen to him and you confront the arguments with more compelling arguments.”