Why are there so many stupid people at university?

Let the right one in

You know that feeling of head bashing, soul crushing, utter blind frustration at the complete and utter ignorant stupidity of some people? The number of stupid people in the world is expanding, we’re becoming more and more thick – but you’d think that at university this would be different.

Changes to universities in our generation have created equal opportunity – not so much in the class divide but in intelligence. We let the stupid people in too. More students, more riff raff allowed. I’m not even focusing on Trent here either, at Nottingham we’re just as bad.

More and more idiots are being let into respectable institutions than ever before. With the top unis letting in four per cent more students this year than in 2013, it appears to be becoming a case of quantity not quality.

It’s not just the English and Philosophy joint honours that are stupid anymore, its seeping into psychology, law and even into science. Let’s just be clear though, these people aren’t actually stupid, they are at an International Excellence Institution after all. They’re just unbelievably ignorant. So what is the problem? Where have all these idiots come from?

The key issue seems to be that subjects like Textiles and P.E count. General studies was banished long ago and now it’s time for these to go too. Getting an A in Food Technology A level is not the same thing as getting top marks in a real subject like Physics. But, it’s an A either way and it gets you a ticket into university where you can burden the clever lot with your lack of common sense.

Further proof of the stupidity breeding on campus are actual quotes from Nottingham students, just a handful that have been spouted in Hallward in the last couple of weeks.

“George Bush was Prime Minister before David Cameron.” “Argentina is the capital of Spain.” From a geography student nonetheless. “Which country started WWII?” “Europe.” This was shouted with conviction and obliviousness. And recently an English undergraduate referred to Macbeth as an actor – unbelievable.

The generation above us claim that exams are getting easier and the internet is frying our brains. But in reality older generations would have just kept their mouths shut for fear of stupidity.

Through a lack of common sense and probably a bit of arrogance, we are becoming a horde self-entitled twitter fueled brats who think we’re smarter than we are and let mind-boggingly stupid shit leave our mouths far too often.