Two members of S Club 7 came to Oceana to sing Queen

It was just Jo and Bradley

Noughties popstars Jo and Bradley from S Club 7 wowed excited clubbers in Nottingham last night. 

After having their music played every week in the cheese room, S Club two were happy to see people didn’t stop moving as they played their biggest tracks and did a meet and greet with students.



The best two?

Bizarrely, Jo struggled with taking a selfie on a fan’s phone while partner Bradley sang Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.

He now also has a ponytail.

Reveller and dedicated S Club fan Sophia Harris said: “The singing wasn’t great but I’m not ashamed to say I’m 21 and S club are my idols. Bradley’s man ponytail was on point.

“The wait to meet them was mental and a guy got pushed out of the VIP queue by the throat by the bouncer for being quite lairy.”

Antics Rep Dani Travis told the Tab: “We’ve never had so much interest for an artist. The first 100 tickets sold out in less than an hour.”

This is possibly the biggest guest to appear in Oceana since Baywatch star David Hasselhoff last year.

Sadly Rachel, Hannah, Tina, Jon and Paul could not attend.


Many students were struggling to contain their excitement. Fourth year Spanish and Portuguese student Stevie said: “They were my entire musical childhood and the first album I saved up to by with my pocket money.”