Here’s what happened at the first Tab Fashion Show

You should be jealous if you missed it.

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You already know we can do news, and we can do fashion just as well. We only care about one thing whatever we do, students.

That’s why on November 30th at The Lacehouse in Nottingham we held the first ever Tab Fashion Show in collaboration with Oxfam Goosegate to support young talent.

Here’s what happened.

With over 50 outfits rocking the runway from student designers as well as Oxfam favourites, it was a night to remember accompanied by entertaining street dancer No Bonez and talented singer Josh Kemp wowing the crowd.

Jump to designers:

Dianah Broady
Zoe Wright
Jacob Jones
Von Ruz
Rachel Leatherland
Eve Ward
Leren Connor

Oxfam Vintage Catwalk

The Tab was proud to be collaborating with Oxfam GooseGate on this event.

Oxfam is a global movement of people working towards a world without poverty.

On the night the crowd had the opportunity to witness the best vintage clothes taken straight from the shop on the Oxfam Vintage Catwalk, styled by Ruby Louise Richardson.

Photography: Richard Black

Photography: Mark Keane

Photography: Richard Black

Photography: Richard Black


Ruby Louise Richardson styled all the looks showcased during the Oxfam Vintage Catwalk Photography: Mark Keane


Young Designers Catwalk Part I

Dianah’s label “21stCenturyWife” is based on her reflection of her life. She started designing her own clothes from the age of 12 and hopes to one day be able to dress the Queen herself, Beyonce. Her designs is a mixture of colours and prints to highlight a woman’s sexuality. She believes a woman should be sexy whatever may be happening in her life. Dianah knows her design is ready when her husband doesn’t approve of how revealing it is, which is the best influence.

Designer: Dianah Broady Photography: Richard Black

Designer: Dianah Broady Photography: Mark Keane

Designer: Dianah Broady Photography: Mark Keane

Designer: Dianah Broady Photography: Richard Black

Designer: Dianah Broady Photography: Mark Keane

Designer: Dianah Broady Photography: Richard Black

Dianah Broady, Photographer: Mark Keane

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Zoe Wright is a young fashion designer from Derbyshire. After completing a masters degree in ladies fashion at Nottingham Trent University she is currently setting up a small design business and working on S/S15 collection.

Designer: Zoe Wright Photography: Mark Keane

Her designs shown are a reinterpretation of early 1960’s MOD style, using research into fashion and social movements of the time and combining this with tailored sharp shapes. These designed separates convey the essence of past youth movements in a contemporary way.

Designer: Zoe Wright Photography: Richard Black

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Jacob is furthering his dictation at The University of Derby and he one day hopes to start his own brand that will focus mainly on haute couture garments.

Designer: Jacob Jones Photography: Richard Black

Designer: Jacob Jones Photography: Richard Black

Designer: Jacob Jones Photography: Mark Keane


Follow Von and her designs @Von_Ruz_Fashion

Vongai Ruzive is a young designer studying BA Fashion Design course at Nottingham Trent University. She has been recognised for her Wallpaper collection at the Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5 which she created during sixth form at The Langley Academy in Slough. (Can be seen on the vogue website )

Designer: Von Ruz Photography: Richard Black

Designer: Von Ruz Photography: Richard Black, Jonny Howell (left), Nicky Rollett (right)

Ruzive received feedback from those who took an interest on her Wallpaper collection which encouraged her to develop more garments from wearable materials. This was when the Zim collection was created. Instead of simply recreating the wallpaper collection in fabric form she decided to design a whole new unique collection to reflect more of her identity.

Designer: Von Ruz Photography: Mark Keane

Designer: Von Ruz Photography: Richard Black

When visiting her homeland Zimbabwe, after 13 years of moving to England, she was inspired by the beauty and nature which the media barely portrays. Moreover, the fabrics which she has picked for her collection represent this reality from the vibrant colours to the unique imprinted black fabric.

Designer: Von Ruz Rucksack: Thomas Plummer Photography: Richard Black

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Rachel is currently in her third year at Nottingham Trent University studying Fashion Design.  The garments shown were made for her second year innovation project. The collection was entitled ‘Tropical Luxe’ and my hand drawn prints were inspired by tropical imagery, however The neutral colour palette makes them more wearable.

Designer: Rachel Leatherland Photography: Richard Black

During her second year she also  completed work placements with Warehouse and UCLA and was a finalist in a number of competitions. Rachel is currently working on her third year collection and hope to work in commercial fashion when she graduates.

Designer: Rachel Leatherland Photography: Mark Keane

To help Rachel pursue her dream and fund her graduate collection you can donate to her via:

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Rachel Leatherland Photography: Richard Black

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Eve Ward is a young designer who graduated from Derby University in 2013 and completed a BA hons degree in Fashion Studies.

Eve’s collection looked at using different fabrics from the norm to create a bridal wear range. She looked at furnishing fabrics and mixed them with traditional bridal fabrics.

Designer: Eve Ward Photography: Richard Black

She is interested in ethical fashion so most of the collection uses fabric that was going to be discarded or that was cut from an old garment.

Designer: Eve Ward Photography: Richard Black

After finishing university she works in a bridal wear shop in Nottingham but it is her dream to have her own shop creating garments using upcycling.
To see some of Eve’s other pieces you can go to

Designer: Eve Ward Photography: Richard Black

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Leren Connor is a fashion and jewellery designer based in the city of Derby, England. She graduated in BA Fashion and Textile Design from the University of Derby in 2014. She is regarded as a versatile, diverse and eclectic young designer with an eye for modern twists on classic lines and a flair for innovative techniques.

Designer: Leren Connor Photography: Richard Black

The label Leren Connor began in 2012 at a small retail premises in the heart of Derby, where a loyal band of clients and customers were drawn in by the wide collections on offer, the humble materials and modest price tags.

Designer: Leren Connor Photography: Mark Keane

“ In the beginning I had to beg, borrow or steal practically everything. Up cycling became my buzzwords. Skirts and bags made from old curtains, dated denim jackets re-loved and re-worked, bleached, dyed and distressed. It’s remarkable how often people cast aside perfectly good materials. I’d take it all and with a bit of imagination – find wonderful new uses for it. Nothing gets wasted. ”

— Leren

Designer: Leren Connor Photography: Richard Black

Designer: Leren Connor Photography: Mark Keane

Now Leren works with an intimate team of people from Derby’s historic Banks Mill Studios and while their scope is ever expanding we always strive to remain true to the ethics of that first little shop.

At Leren Connor we take pride that every garment is handmade, manufactured in house and totally unique so if you are ever unable to find an item you desire in your size we urge you to contact us ([email protected]) and we will happily customise one of our designs just for you.

Designer: Leren Connor Photography: Richard Black

The Tab Fashion Show ended on a great note but would have not been the same without some entertainment! Josh Kemp closed the show while No Bonez kept the crowd pumped in between shows.

Tommy “No Bonez” Yates (left) Photo by Richard Black, Josh Kemp (right) Photo by Mark Keane

Meet the models

From left to right: Eloisa Von Wernich, Lydia Briggs, Caroline Chen, Sandra Baumgartena

Harriet Ferguson(left), Coral Rose(middle), Ruby Louise Richardson (right)

S!LK is an agency directed by Coral Rose Bell during her studies of fashion. She has experience in catwalk production, choreography, styling, art direction and modeling.

Coral and the other models work together and consider themselves a family who collaborate to build the agency and travel the UK doing shoots and catwalks.

For representation and bookings contact
[email protected]

The Tab would like to thank everyone involved in the achievement of the first Tab Fashion Show. 

Photography: Richard Black & Mark Keane

Videography: Steve Stewart Visual

Makeup: David Peck-Whiston

Hair: Niall McNulty, Kerry Lee, Shannon Capstaf

Oxfam Manager: Nereida Rosales, Oxfam Volunteer & Wardrobe Stylist: Jo Douka

Hannah Rought, Chris Wells, Ruby Louise Richardson, Rhiannon Compton, Gabriella Ahmed, Jasmin Anderson, Jo Grimwood, Isabel Jury, Zoe Archer, Emily Danou, Sofia Christodoulou, Jennie Gale

Here’s a little glance at what went on behind the scenes

Makeup Artist: David Peck-Whiston and Hair Stylists:Niall McNulty, Kerry Lee, Shannon Capstaf created the looks of the night

Goodie bags we’re provided by Propercorn. Popcorn, only it’s #doneproperly.

Videographer Steve Stewart(left) captured the greatest moments throughout the show

Did you mark the Tab Fashion Show banner?(left), The Tab crew in action (right)

We we’re excited to have Oxfam Goosegate be a part of the show

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