Spotted: The best dressed at The Tab fashion show

Check out the best dressed at the first ever Tab Fashion Show

These fashionistas came to our amazing fashion show and their outfits didn’t disappoint… 

Hannah Rought, Editor in Chief and Jennie Gale, Former Editor in Chief

Constantina Patsalau, Biology, 3rd Year

Angelos Petrou, Industrial Economics, 2nd Year

Mollie Tracey, Broadcast Journalism, 3rd Year

Hannah Drake, Psychology, 3rd Year

Ishya Haim, Architecture, 3rd Year

Disha Daswaney, Sociology, 2nd Year

Monique Huang, Physics and Astronomy, 3rd Year

Amaya Carruthers, Law, 2nd Year

Katy Webster, Pharmacy, 2nd Year

Stefan Politowicz, Pharmacy, 2nd Year

Cavolina Agathocleous, Economics, 3rd Year

Jackie Bdedeji, Broadcast Journalism, 3rd Year

Sotia Cherepeti, Mechnical Engineering, 2nd Year

Faai Hoselh, Architecture, 3rd Year

Marlavx Cohen, Architecture, 3rd Year

Chris Milner, English Literature, 2nd Year

Beth Wardell, Student Nurse, 2nd year

Sara Martinez, Architecture, 3rd Year

Josie Reining, Architecture, 3rd Year