What a Girl Wants: Halloween Edition

On the scariest night of the year here’s an exclusive into the minds of Nottingham’s ladies.

You’ve heard it boys, the ladies have spoken and here are our very truthful opinions about your Halloween outfits.

‘Don’t go as a Zombie, it’s lame and boring’

A little more imagination… please

‘Don’t get too naked as it screams of desperation’

So put some more clothes on and leave a little to the imagination

less isn’t always more

 ‘Clowns scare the shit out of me, they should be banned’

Pulling can be hard enough, don’t scare away the ladies with a costume that is only suitable for nightmares

‘Face paint is a good effort but no one wants the hassle of washing that off your sheets or the reminder of last night’s bad choices’

Many of you lads rock up in a T-shirt and a shit load of face paint on, thinking job done.

However we ladies think poor effort and  I don’t want to be THAT girl with face paint all over my mush.

Can’t even see your face

Tights over face paint any day

‘The less serious you take yourself the better’

Being funny often equates to being witty and smart, therefore the more ridiculous you look the more likely we will find you attractive

I call it the Slutty Pumpkin

Our Editor ladies and gentlemen

One anonymous source simply said:

‘I just don’t get it – why do you want to dress up as a murderous twat?’