How to: Fresher Theme Nights

Make the right first impression with our How To Guide for Fresher Theme Nights

Freshers: an introduction to three years of booze, sex and unattended lectures.

This week will be a crash course in surviving the student lifestyle and nothing says university more than dressing in ridiculous clothes, going out and drinking to an extent where you’ve forgotten your own name.

First impressions are everything and The Tab is here to guide you through Fresher theme nights, giving you the dos and don’ts of the art of fancy dress and ensuring each night is a blurry memory.

Back to School

Typically the first night of freshers, this theme never disappoints.

It becomes a mixture of Harry Potter and Britney Spears in ‘Hit me Baby on More Time’.

Girls can easily make this theme sexy with shorts skirts and loosely buttoned shirts, however to avoid being known as THAT girl on day one, tone back the look with a brightly coloured tie and knee socks for a look that Blair Waldforf would be proud of.

Boys, grasp this theme as an opportunity to show your cheeky side. Braces and a dickie bow may not be typical school uniform, but they revamp the simple shirt and trouser look whilst making you look suave and adorable.


The true Baywatch look only requires a red swimsuit, golden sand and David Hasseloff.

However no one is the Hoff – other than the Hoff – so pair red shorts with either a yellow or white top and hey presto, you could be his long lost distant cousin.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize with this look. A pair of sunglasses, a whistle and even a sun visor can brighten up this simple theme.


Unleash your inner Greek God only using a bed sheet and some tactical bronzing. This theme is a good way to show off those summer bodies you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

You can easily accessorize this look with gold jewellery and gladiator sandals or even plastic leaf garlands that can be worn as a crown or intertwined in your hair.


Policeman, nurse, pilot, fireman… The list of possible costumes goes on for this theme.

This night has the most potential for a creative outfit, so don’t feel you have to fulfill numerous fantasies by dressing yourself from the Ann Summers collection. Less is not more when it comes to skirt length, ladies.

If you can’t afford a full costume, start with a simple base such as white top and shorts/skirts, then add either a nurses cap, silver handcuffs or sailor’s bib to define your service.


This is a new theme for Nottingham Freshers and therefore requires the most attention to detail in order to set precedent for years to come.

Many costume shops have a wild selection of Cavemen outfits, but if this stretches the bank too much then invest in a key piece, such as blow-up Cavemen club, a bone necklace, or even some leopard print material that can be wrapped around as a dress or skirt.

For hair and make-up, simple back combing and a few mud streaks across the cheeks will finish off the look.

UV Party 

The best week of your life is drawing to a close, and what better way to see it off then with a Silent Disco aka the UV Party.

Think Glow Sticks, Neon Colours and Earphones that are questionable at best. Pair your hall t-shirt with bright neon skirts, sweat bands and knee high socks.

Make-up is also key to this theme so invest in face paint. It looks amazing around the eyes but can also be used to write your hall name or draw stripes across your body.

Remember: the brighter you glow, the better you look.