Broken glass, broken homes: windows smashed in Lenton

Students left “in total shock” as ten Lenton windows smashed in two weeks

There have been ten incidents of windows being smashed in Lenton in the last two weeks.

Mettham Street and Osmaston Street have both been targeted by local youths said to be as young as 12 or 13.

Broken glass on Mettham Street

Broken glass on Mettham Street

The first incidents were reported to Nottinghamshire Police on the 24th of January. Mettham Street resident Ali Khan, 25, told The Tab what he had seen:

“I was having a beer by my house when one of the incidents happened. Some students came out of their house when the window was smashed. They were all shocked and one student said to me that they saw the bricks coming through their window. He was in total shock.

“It was about five Asian youths and three white males. Firstly they smashed a house on Mettham Street. About two weeks ago it was boarded up and replaced, a PCSO even came and checked everything. About a week later the same boys came and broke the new window. The side house on the corner of Fredrick street was also broken into.”

Mr Khan said that this is not a new problem in this area in Lenton: “Last year they threw rocks at cars from the top of the rubbish, but now they put in the fence so they stopped. I know it’s the same boys.”

Rocks used to be thrown from here

Rocks used to be thrown from here

Two third year students who live on Mettham Street said: “We heard a massive smash and we saw bricks in the road, there were loads of people and everyone was in shock.”

Shields Student Homes initially believed their properties were being targeted. In light of this, an e-mail was sent to students to ask them to remove stickers showing Shields’ name from their windows.

Worrying signs...

An email sent to students in Shields houses

A Nottinghamshire Police spokeserson said:

“We are aware of a number of incidents in which windows of homes in the Lenton area have been smashed. All have taken place in the evenings during the last month. No one has been injured and there is no suggestion that any attempts have been made to enter the houses.

“Enquiries are ongoing into the damage, including reviewing CCTV footage. We have also stepped up high-visibility foot patrols, as well as directed vehicle patrols to the area, in a bid to deter further crime and provide reassurance.

“Be vigilant of unusual activity in the area and report suspicious individuals to police immediately. If you have any information contact police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”