Rate my Halls: Cripps v Hu Stu

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As we near the end of the semester, it’s getting colder, deadlines are building up and you’ve elected your new JCR – so, you’re probably spending a lot more time in your hall.

Yet, how well do you really know your hall? Who have you been perving on in the Dining Hall? Who has caught your eye in the queue and brightened your day on a cold, depressing, Monday morning? The Tab decided that it was time to find out what you Freshers have been getting up to in Halls, and, to re-ignite the old rivalry: Hugh Stu and Cripps.

Cripps: Vivien Hinds, History, and Will Leney, English and Classics, are both in Cripps this year.

We’re sitting in the lovely and warm Cripps S-Block, chatting to Viv and Will. Viv, originally from Bucks, plays Lacrosse whilst Surrey-boy Will is a show host on URN; both are really enjoying their first year at Cripps. “I’m enjoying Freshers much more than I thought I would to be honest. There’s such a friendly atmosphere in Cripps.”

They both love Crisis and tell The Tab that they go pretty much every week. Viv lets us in with a story: “Actually, there was one guy who went out one night – woke up in Sheffield with a single train-ticket…so weird”.

Do they hate Hugh Stu? “I don’t actually know – you just have to” Will tells us.

Hugh Stu: Andy Moss, History, and Vikki Boyce, History and Politics, are Hugh Stuian Freshers.

“Cripps? Terrible. We hate them in principle,” claims Moss. Vikki interjects: “They all have double-beds; it’s so unfair!” Both Londoners, Moss plays for the NUFC and Vikki is now well involved in cheerleading with the Nottingham Knights. Both are now settled into hall life and really enjoying themselves, despite it being somewhat daunting at first: “At first there was such a pressure to constantly socialise – it was all a bit put-on, but I’m loving it now”, Vikki tells us.

We wanted to know if the hall was still as lively as it was last year. Karni is still raising money and Rag Raids are still “vile”: “One guy the other week, when he came back to the car park, he was being sick so loudly it was literally like a roaring lion”.

But The Tab learns that the Hugh Stu Laundry Room sink is being used as a toilet: “My mate Will Godson – such a legend”, Andy laughs. Vikki is also aware of this recent development in the launderette: “Yes! He should be named and shamed – NAME AND SHAME HIM!”

Hugh Stu or Cripps: Which Hall is best?

Last time in Rate my Road, there was a tie between Albert Grove and Douglas Road. Let us know which hall you think has the fitter pair: