Lost Boys Find Themselves in Nottingham

Read about how Made In Chelsea’s top trio are heading to Nottingham, complete with exclusive comment from the night’s organiser Gurneet Singh.

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Made In Chelsea’s well-known trio ‘the Three Lost Boys’ are heading up to Nottingham this Monday to party with the city’s students. They’ll be appearing at both the Uni Of and Trent events…share nicely please.

Although these boys won’t need introducing to many of you (girls), the popular trio consists of Francis Boulle, Jamie Laing and Oliver Proudlock. It appears they are no less popular off screen than on, as tickets are ‘flying out’ according to Gurneet Singh who jointly runs Mondays at Oceana.

As soon as the appearance was announced on Facebook last Tuesday tickets to both Oceana and Forum began to sell fast. As can be seen from the Twitter pages of the Lost Boys, demand is high.

Gurneet confidently told The Tab that the boys are “really looking forward” to coming to Nottingham, where they “can come out and meet everyone; not just stay in VIP. They’re very sociable and more than willing to mingle”.

It sounds like we’ve got a lot to look forward to then! Gurneet laughed when The Tab mentioned the guestlist: ‘it’s silly. In terms of anticipation there is a lot of excitement and I’ve been receiving a lot of questions and inquiries about it.’

If you can’t make it, you can pretend you’ve seen them all from Proudlock’s painting…

The excitement definitely does exist; Jennifer Giblin from Uni Of has said how her and her housemates watch Made in Chelsea every week – ‘everyone loves the show and the Lost Boys are definitely our favourites. Cannot wait for Monday!!’’ She even revealed her intentions to buy a new outfit.

The Tab is sure the boys can be counted on to dress to impress too…

Gurneet was also able to reveal to The Tab that there are very strong rumours that Jamie Laing will be doing a DJ set. The boys ‘are definitely here to party’ especially since it will be Jamie’s birthday over the weekend.

Whilst the Made In Chelsea stars have become increasingly popular due to their ‘bromance’, there is certainly no love lost between Nottingham’s Universities. Who will be the boys’ favourite on the night?

According to Gurneet, the boys will begin in Forum where they’ll be ‘checking their watches and spending the best of the night in Oceana’.

Whilst The Tab takes no sides, this will certainly make for an interesting competition. The Tab was reassured however that Uni Of students will be getting the best of it – ‘the way we’re going about it is that it’s going to be really full and busy but everyone will have a good time with the boys. They’ll start in VIP but will come out to the rest of the club. They’ll be here until the end of the night’.

Natalie Walton from Nottingham Trent confesses that she’s considered going to both venues – ‘I’m so excited to finally get the chance of meeting or at least seeing the boys! Let’s just say…3 lost boys? No longer lost when they find me’.

Come prepared boys…

For VIP, guestlist, birthdays and bookings contact Gurneet (Googs) Singh on: 07711785181