The Tab team takes a dip…

Probably UoN’s most loved night, despite the carpet

Flying shirts. Cheap booze. And the Baywatch theme tune. Where am I? I hardly doubt any Nottingham student could imagine their time at university without a dip in the Ocean. And The Tab wanted to find out why.

A dip in the Ocean? It’s a must

Whilst many boring (and relatively sober) lads and lasses linked their party attitude to TGIF, our questions revealed something a little bit naughtier. That’s right kids, sex.  To be honest,  I’d be surprised if you didn’t think of it already.

The one thing on your minds in Ocean is getting into someone’s pants, or rather, getting someone into yours. 53% of you had already had sex in the last 24 hours and 72% of you were hoping to get laid that night. Hormonal, much?

So now you’re thinking: Sick one, let’s get banging. But before you take a plunge in Ocean’s deep waters, come prepared.

Most girls The Tab spoke to said they found abs and backs sexiest in men. So boys, if you must join the crowd in taking your shirt off (for some reason I will never understand), make sure you at least join the gym.

As for you girls, most boys are going to be keeping an eye out for a nice bum. Pull out your ripped Levis shorts and your bodycon skirts. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

What the girls thought…

What the guys thought…

Take The Tab’s advice and take the plunge on a Friday night. You never know, you might be in for more fun than you expected.

But that is not it. We dug a little deeper and asked how many have had sex on campus not including halls of residence and if so then where. While 71% of you keep it in the bedroom, 29% of you have got adventurous with each other on campus whether it be in Hallward (toilets AND silent study), Hugh Stu Library, under the Cav Bridge, the Downs, Derby Hall laundry room, Rutland laundry room or by the Lake.

So there you have it, you’re a randy bunch. Keep coming back as The Tab will be looking into what you think of your housemates and hallmates, what you think of Trent and what they think of you, plus many more surveys…