Freshers Finale

The end of the beginning: Fresher’s Finale at the Capital Fm Arena

One week. Seven events. 20,000 pictures. Freshers. There is only one way to describe this week; a whole lot of drinking and mornings wasted in bed. And there was only one way to end this week, with a massive arena, five acts and another round.

Sunday’s finale featured Jodie Connor, Ms Dynamite, Wretch 32, Zane Lowe and True Tiger. All came second to the atmosphere created by us freshers who wanted to celebrate our new start.

Located at the Capital FM arena, the night started at 8pm, lasted until 2am, with Nightline, NUTS and ‘Easy Tiger’ wandering round keeping the Freshers safe and amused between acts.

Despite the event starting early, many chose to drink until the end. It’s only once that you’re a true fresher and you have to live it to the max.

This wasn’t as annoying as it sounds and once you were there, the atmosphere killed any thoughts of apprehension of being surrounding by people too drunk to know who’s on stage, not enjoying the line up or even the price of the tickets or the price of drinks.

With bass dripped tunes and heavy Dubstep of the later acts, mixed with the sweet voice of the ladies in the house, Sunday night was a great end to a great start of university. Cue Freshers’ flu.