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The LCR to be turned into a soft play ball pit in time for June 21st

The SU is ‘optimistic’ students will enjoy the soft play pit

UEA has released a statement outlining plans to transform the LCR into a soft play centre complete with ball pit due to make up for its closure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the past year, the Students’ Union has worked hard to improve the options available to students when Covid restrictions are finally reduced. Although they were forced to postpone graduation,  they are “optimistic” students will enjoy the soft play pit.

An anonymous spokesperson told the Norwich Tab: “The SU has always had its fellow students’ best interests at heart. Ever since the end of lockdown plan was published, our team has worked tirelessly to create fun and inventive attractions for the coming summer. With this plan we think we’ve struck gold.”

UEA is reportedly still undecided as to how the centre will be used, claiming use of the soft play area will be “available to students of all ages” but “the ball pool may be a health and safety hazard for first year students”.

There has been discussion of a face-painting and candy floss stall to inspire students’ “inner children”. Alcohol will be served at the bars as usual (PHEW!), though VKs will not be allowed in any of the play areas.

The Vice Chancellor has also released a statement assuring that “the UEA Fries van will finally make its long-awaited return” on the soft play area’s opening night, which I’m sure we can all agree is a definite win.

Despite the change, the LCR will be keeping its name. However, rather than Lower Common Room, the letters will now stand for Learning, Creativity and Recreation.

The SU are waiting for “reviews” on the success of the soft play area. A positive reaction will “hopefully lead to a permanent soft play fixture” within the LCR going forward. Here’s to June 21st, I think?

You should probably check the date now.