Santas drop off free bevs for isolating Manchester students

The Manchester Student Group has been spreading Christmas cheer round Fallowfield

A new video shows Santa Claus has been spotted running around Fallowfield and this year he’s handing out free bevs to students spending Christmas in Manchester. 

The people behind the Manchester Student Group decided to spread some Christmas cheer by dressing up as Santa Claus and dropping off free alcohol to students forced to isolate over the Christmas period. 

Yet another piece of evidence supporting the argument that MSG does more to sustain Fallowfield than any government ever will.

This year lots of students will be spending Christmas away from their families either being forced to isolate or like many international students, unable to fly back to see family.

Farris Ramzy of MSG said: “We know a lot of people are having to isolate at the moment, and student hall/shared accommodation isn’t great at the best of times- let alone on Christmas morning, away from friends and family.

“We wanted to give back to our MSG community in a fun way and hope whoever got a crate felt even a little bit better.”

A tinnies being lobbed to one of the poor souls isolating in Oak House

In the video you can see the MSG lot, lobbing tinnies up to the poor students forced to stay in Oak House this Christmas (spare a special thought for them) and dropping crates off at the doorsteps of isolating students around Manchester. 

Students were obviously grateful for the free booze, one called MSG “an absolute godsend” while another said it helped them get through their birthday after testing positive. 

“It was great seeing all the positive messages about it from everyone, and we’ll be looking to do things like this a lot more,” Farris said, he also thanked Mike’s Hard Seltzers for helping make it possible.

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