Covid cases at the University of Manchester nearly triple in a week

In just one day the uni reported 97 cases

The University of Manchester daily reporting of Covid cases hit its highest’s peak since October 2020, last week.

From the 13th to the 19th of December the university reported 331 Covid cases up from 117 the week before. That’s a staggering 182 per cent increase in reported cases.

Recorded cases only include student and staff Covid cases which are directly reported to the university so are likely to greatly underestimate the true number of cases.

The peak of cases was last Wednesday the 15th of December when 97 cases were reported to the university in just one day.

Government statistics found that cases in Fallowfield rose by over 320 per cent last week, it’s worth remembering that at one point last year Fallowfield had the highest number of Covid cases of anywhere in the country.

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