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Introducing: Fallowfield’s Fittest THE WINNER

The girl I want to couple up with is…

Bow down, Fallowfield – your fittest person has been chosen.

Introducing: Sophia Bingham, third year Theology, Philosophy and Ethics student soon to be graduate and crowned fitty queen of Fallowfield.

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The Manchester Tab caught up with Her Royal Fitness to see how she's coping with her newfound fame.

How does it feel to be crowned winner of Fallowfield’s Fittest?


Was it a shock?

Yes! Did you see the other competition!?

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Who do you have to thank for this remarkable achievement?

Me, myself and I.

Have you experienced much of a reaction since the competition began?

I can’t keep up with the amount of boys sliding into my DMs! My phone is blowing up.

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How are you going to celebrate?

Go down to the Friendship, have a pint and wait for this to all blow over.

Where are you going to take your career from here?

Pursue a modelling career.

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What’s your advice for future fitties?

I can’t give any advice, it only comes naturally.

You can keep up with Sophia and all her fit antics on insta, @sophiabingham.

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