The Ruby Lounge is closing late next year

They promise to ‘remain until the very end’


The Ruby Lounge released a statement last night confirming they will be closing in late 2019 due to a “redevelopment of the entire site” by the owners of the building.

The Ruby Lounge is famous for its live music and it describes itself as “a place for all that is brutal, ugly, desperate and vicious Rock’n’Roll but all delivered within the kind of joint that doesn’t expect people to live with the lowest common denominator”.

The building is being renovated into High Street Manchester because “The site is unappealing, unattractive and under occupied and, as current leases expire, this is an ideal opportunity to assess what could be done to deliver something which is more attractive and beneficial to the area.”

The renovation will “replace under-utilised and poor quality buildings, which don’t meet modern day environmental standards or Building Regulations, with high quality architecture and building performance.”

When the renovation was initially announced there was confusion as to whether The Ruby Lounge would stay open past Christmas, but they are still selling tickets to events up to May 2019 and promise to “remain until the very end”.

Their statement reads: “We have an update that will finally provide some clarity regarding our future. As most of you are aware, for some time the owners of the building have been discussing plans to redevelop the entire site.

“Those development plans are now quickly moving forward – see here:

“It has recently been confirmed to us that works are due to begin late 2019. And with that, due to being some way apart in our views, plans and depth of wallets, it looked like unfortunately we would be forced into closing the doors for the very last time this Christmas.

“But we are now pleased to say that at the very last minute we have at least managed to come to an agreement with the landlords to remain until the very end when the wrecking ball finally comes along.

“We’ve had a marvellous time over the years and as one of the few remaining independent live music venues in Manchester, have fought incredibly hard to stay open despite constantly rising costs and teetering on the brink of viability more often than seems possible. We’re not done just yet…. Love, hangovers and tinnitus.

“Team Ruby Lounge.”