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University of Manchester students can now test their drugs for £2.50

Always practice safe sesh


The University of Manchester Students' Union is now offering drug testing kits to students for the mere cost of £2.50.

This enables students to test their drugs to see if they have been mixed with dangerous and often lethal substances.

The initiative will encourage safer drug use among students as well as decreasing the likelihood of drug related calamities.

The Tabs 2017 drugs survey revealed that 80.82% University of Manchester students take ecstasy, 78.36% take MDMA, 63.67% take cocaine and 53.40% take ketamine weekly. While these class A and B substances are often cut with fatal chemicals these test kits provided by Manchester University students union help reduce these risks.

The University of Manchester Students' Union stated on their website: “A key risk of taking unregulated drugs is that the substance you intend to take could be mixed with other drugs or harmful adulterants. One way to reduce this risk is to test your drugs. We are currently piloting single-use test kits, which work by adding a small amount of your drug to a chemical which will change colour depending on the substances it contains.”

The University of Manchester Students’ Union operates separately from the university, while stating clearly that they do not condone the use of illegal substances; “part of our responsibility is to look after our student members.”

Students can retrieve these single-use kits in complete confidentiality through the Students Union Advice service.