Revealed: Which uni takes the most drugs

For once, Oxbridge are losing


Russell Groups have been at the top of league tables for too long. The one that really matters is here, and former polytechnics have ruined the status quo. It’s not graduate prospects, it’s not even how hard you work – it’s how much you take drugs from The Tab’s drug survey of 11,000 students across the country.

UWE continue their annual rise to narcos glory, where 92 per cent of students said they had taken drugs. Manchester – the home of Warehouse Project, good ketamine and a house party culture in decline – is ranked second joint with all round legends Northumbria and Liverpool John Moores with 91 per cent.

We also found that Leeds has truly lost its spot as the most sought after university for 18-year-olds with tatty vintage jackets, a love for techno and absolutely no clue, falling to fifth, with 90 per cent of students having taken drugs.

Our annual survey, and the only one of its kind, revealed 84 per cent of students say they’ve taken drugs.

At the bottom of the table come Cambridge, with 66 per cent – who are presumably too busy burning their money in front of homeless people to spend it on drugs. They were beaten narrowly by St Andrews – with 70 per cent – who are probably just too embarrassed to tell us.

UWE 92

John Moores 91

Manchester 91

Northumbria 91

Leeds 90

Leicester 90

Trent 89

Aberdeen 88

Bournemouth 88

Plymouth 88

UCL 88

Liverpool 87

Sheffield 87

Strathclyde 87

Sussex 87

Belfast 86

Brookes 86

Aberystwyth 85

Edinburgh 85

Kent 85

Newcastle 85

Bristol 84

Nottingham 84

Royal Holloway 82

Cardiff 81

Glasgow 80

Reading 80

York 80

Norwich 79

Birmingham 78

Exeter 78

King’s 78

Durham 77

Hull 77

Southampton 76

Bath 75

Lancaster 75

Oxford 75

Warwick 72

St Andrews 70

Cambridge 66

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