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Antwerp Mansion is being rented out as a haunted house venue

Though the ghost of Antwerp seshes still haunt you

There's something eerie about Antwerp Mansion that you just can't put your finger on. It wasn't always this way though, built in 1840 on the majestic and exclusive Victoria Park Estate, it once served as a private home before being transformed into the Belgian Consul and eventually becoming a private club in 1922.

But now, the early style Gothic architecture is somewhat of a veil to the inside which has fallen into disrepair complete with creaky floorboards, grim toilets, and general interior decay. It's what made it the perfect place for a sesh pit.

Prior to its closing, it was reported that "many people who have visited have commented that they found it spooky… with a presence lurking in the shadows." I'm not sure its possible to rule out that these "many people" were probably on some sort of drugs or extremely drunk.

This presence has been explained as a "flashing" of lights in darkened rooms and a general sense of uneasiness with a feeling of "being watched".

Haunted Houses UK has decided to take advantage of this dilapidated and eerie structure by transforming it into a Ghost Hunting experience which YOU can be a part of for £29.

Who could be haunting Antwerp Mansion? A likely explanation could be that its the ghost of the child who died many years ago after falling through the central panel of the skylight (the central panel was never repaired and is still missing to this day).

The event will be held on Saturday 29 June from 9pm – 2am with limited availability. Click Here to find out more!