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There’s a Nigel Farage themed garage night coming to Fallowfield

Because Farage and garage sound similar get it

A Nigel Farage night is coming to Fallowfield next month, promising UK garage classics and loads of Farage masks.

Taking place at CUBO on 7th June, "Nige's Garage Classics" are offering a £20 prize for the best Nigel-themed fancy dress. They also promise Nigel as the official mascot.

The 'UKFarage' night will feature cheap drink deals alongside UKG, bassline, 2-step, and R&B all night long "with Nige repping the dancefloor."

"Nige's Garage Classics" is said to be borne from a playlist of the same name, discovered on an iPhone wedged between the seats of a Magic Bus. Found amongst racist comments and homophobia, the playlist "with absolute pure fire burning in every tune" likely comes from the phone of an unknown deluded xenophobe.

Farage is no stranger to using the names of others in his own promotional material. He hit the headlines in recent weeks after being branded a 'pissweasel' by Rage Against The Machine, after co-opting the band's anti-establishment moniker into the name of his podcast: "Farage Against The Machine."

Tickets for the Nigel Farage night at Fallowfield are on sale now, with the link available on the event's Facebook page.