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The best of the heatwave in Fallowfield, pictured

Suns out guns out

Feeling blue the heatwave's over? We've compiled the best pictures of Fallowfield's finest soaking up the sun in style. And whether it was swarming the beer garden in 256, getting bevved in Platt Fields all day, or having a relaxing dip in the lake, Manchester students know how to have fun in the sun.

Day drinking mid-exam season

"Get me to a beer garden" becomes a catchphrase when England hits 11°C. What exams?

The guy who got impaled on the fence at 256

MMU Sport and Exercise Nutrition student Sam Wade managed to impale himself on the fence at 256 in pure commitment to the sesh, commenting; "I didn't get let in because I'd been in the pub since 10, I was smashed. I proceeded to try and vault the wall and just slipped"

Only in Fallowfield.

The mini-rave outside Oak House

Even though it got shut down by security at midnight, the micro-rave outside Chestnut Court on Saturday night, complete with decks and lighting, finished off a week of sun nicely.

The guy who literally took a dip in the pond in Platt Fields

Spotted on SnapMaps on Thursday, this guy cooling off with a cheeky dip in Platt Fields lake. Only the brave.

The shisha parties

Some brought barbecues, speakers, blankets, and bevs. Shoutout to the guys going the extra mile to get wavy by bringing an actual full on Shisha pipe to Platt Fields. With the wavy garms, chilled vibes, and summer-feel, it could've been Parklife already.

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The small collective cheer when it hit 16:20 on 20/4/2018

It came as no surprise that Manchester Universities were voted both second and third in the official Tab list of universities that smoke the most weed. The small cheer that could be heard across Platt Fields confirmed one thing: if there's one thing we all celebrate, it's 420.

The guy cruising on a bike with a boombox all day

Making the rounds in Platt Fields over the two days, this guy could be spotted providing filthy tunes for about one minute until he slowly pedalled out of sight. The speaker on his bike is better than most speakers in fuckboys cars. Not all heroes wear capes.

The Platt Fields Clean Up

After Thursday, it's fair to say Platt Fields was left a complete tip. But after the clean-up organised on Friday, Fallowfield got there in the end and restored our favourite park to get wavy in back to it's usual green, sparkling self.