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Roll up, roll up, and find out which uni smokes the most weed

It’s the 2018 Stoner League and you’re all invited

It's 420. The weed day. Behind 69, it's definitely the second funniest number.

We all know by now that everyone loves talking about weed, but who loves to smoke it the most? Which uni buns the most piff? Whose doobies are the heaviest of all?

Over 10,000 of our readers took our drugs survey this month, giving us an insight into all the nooks and crannies of how students take drugs.

And for weed, the results fully confirm the stereotypes. Sussex top the league, with 54.61 per cent of students to answer our survey there fessing up to smoking weed once a month or more.

They narrowly beat out Man Met and Manchester, where 54.32 and 53.68 per cent of students, respectively, smoke on the reg.

Hot on their tails in fourth and fifth are Bristol and UWE. This time the poly have to suffer the indignity of not living up to their reputation, missing out by 0.04 per cent to Bristol's 51.02 per cent of students.

See how your uni did below, in the table showing the percentage of survey respondents at each university who said they smoke weed once or more a month.

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Weirdly, Reading are the only other uni where half or more are weed-heads. Micro-city Reading is renowned for many things (apparently) but ganja is not one of them.

At the other end of the table are surprisingly straight edge Aberdeen, preferring to be high on maps rather than spliffs. And if you were worried about the impact this ranking might have on the age-old Oxbridge rivalry, it can be exclusively revealed that Oxford trounce Cambridge by 34.29 per cent to 31.15 per cent.