A taxi driver tried to pull a female student into his car in Fallowfield last night

He tried to offer her directions

Last night, while she was walking home in Fallowfield, a female student was approached by a taxi driver who tried to pull her into his car.

Lucy, a 22-year-old third year Biomed student, was walking down Moseley Road, unable to find her way home when the car pulled up beside her and the driver offered her a lift home.

When he said she could only get a lift if she sat in the front, she knew something was wrong and declined the offer.

At this point, the driver grabbed her arm and attempted to pull her into the taxi. She fought back and managed to escape and then ran to 256 on Wilmslow Road to find her friends.

Upon her arrival, the bouncers would not let her in, allegedly ignoring her explanation that she was almost abducted.

She was eventually found by her friends outside the venue and took her inside at which point the bouncer allegedly said: "You're not in the fucking taxi now" and that she needed to "fix her attitude".

She posted about the incident on Fallowfield Students Group (FSG):

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Speaking to The Tab about this ordeal, Lucy said: "I was coming back from media city as I had gone to see Katherine Ryan live. My phone had died and as the bus turned off Moseley Road I didn't know where i was cos it was dark, so I got off the bus around that area.

"A taxi driver pulled up in a silver car and offered directions and a lift. It was when he said I had to sit in the front that I realised things were a bit weird. Then he tried to stop me going by grabbing my wrist.

"I ran all the way to 256 because I knew some friends were in there. When I got there, I was really upset and panicked. The bouncers said they needed my ID and that I had to pay. I just wanted to get in ASAP and was like please can you just let me in.

"Then they turned to the students hosting the night and I appealed to them. They Insisted I get money out (entry was £3).

"I walked off and my friend found me upset outside so we got money out and went back so that i could find my boyfriend.

"It was as I went to go back in the bouncers told me that I wasn't in the taxi now and that i needed to fix my attitude.

"It's really disgusting because 256 is meant to be a safe zone for girls and last night demonstrated the exact opposite."

We spoke to 256 about the incident who said: "We are speaking to the lady in question at the moment to clarify the issue from last night.

"Following the incident we have decided to terminate the contract with the security provider for 256 with Immediate effect.

"We value our customer safety and will ensure the new security provider are able to meet our needs and customer expectations.

"We will be working fully and in support of the lady and local authorities to try identify the person involved in the initial incident with the taxi driver."


Manchester Medics Hockey Society have since issued a full apology to Lucy.

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