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Someone has graffitied swastikas on the walls outside Fallowfield Sainsbury’s

There are three red swastikas visible from the Sainsbury’s car park


Someone has spray-painted Nazi swastikas over the anti-Brexit themed graffiti outside of Sainsbury's.

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The murals are a regular sight along the wall that follows the pedestrian and cycle-paths alongside Fallowfield Sainsbury's car park, regularly being re-painted despite weekly removals.

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Although it's unclear when the murals were defaced, many were shocked and horrified to discover the red swastikas this afternoon.

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Although whoever painted the swastikas didn't leave any other message, the aim is clear with one swastika being painted straight through the image of a broken heart, with the colours of the EU flag.

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The only pieces left alone were the yellow stars painted on a blue background accross the railings, and one piece featuring the Manchester bee.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson told The Tab Manchester "We’re arranging to get this offensive vandalism removed as quickly as possible. We’re sorry for any upset it may have caused."