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Bow down, Manchester: Florence Rowson-Stevens is The Tab Manchester’s most eligible bachelorette

Your kween has been crowned with 2,843 votes

The Tab Manchester's most eligible bachelorette competition was fraught with tension this year, after THREE bachelorettes from the same house were nominated. Maddie Bindi, Alice Coulter, and our very own most eligible bachelorette Florence Rowson-Stevens all reside together in their very own (very fit, I can confirm) student house in Fallow. But, in the words of Flo-Ro's competitor and housemate Alice "only one from Cawdor can win" and that winner is Florence Rowson Stevens.

We got in touch with the beaut bachelorette, a second year Spanish and Business student at Manchester to find out how she feels about her title.

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How does it feel to be crowned winner of Manchester’s most eligible bachelorette?


Was it a shock?

"Of course, I only voted for myself a few thousand times."

How do your housemates feel?

"Well the majority of the house don’t seem phased, however Alice is currently booking a flight back to Northern Ireland and I haven’t seen Maddie since she found out, but I’m pretty sure I can hear her crying in her room."

Who do you have to thank for this remarkable achievement?

"My ex best friend Maddie Bindi for originally nominating me."

Have you experienced much of a reaction since the competition began?

"Beside now having a personal chauffeur, a security team, and constant attention from the paparazzi, I live a pretty normal life."

How are you going to celebrate?

"I’m doing a meet and greet at the AU tonight, boys only."

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Where are you going to take your career from here?

Are you looking to stay a bachelorette? Or do you have a long term love in sight?

"Well it is Valentine’s Day, anything could happen."

How should any eligible boys go about winning your heart?

"Don’t treat me any differently because of my title."