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FSG is starting a ‘funniest comment of the month’ competition

Arm yourselves with your best memes

Fallowfield Students Group (FSG) admins have decided to launch a monthly comment competition on the pinned post of the page to "make the community more entertaining and fun amongst doom and gloom of burglary and mugging posts."

Matthew Freestone, founder of FSG, also told us that he wants to try and provide students with an opportunity to "get something back" from the group. The winners of the comments competition this month will receive £200 worth of food each at top restaurants around Manchester on the newly released @EATMCR card.

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"We want people to post their funniest memes, stories, pics and anything else from Manchester, or related to Fallowfield on the post every month, and the top 3 most liked comments this month will get two cards with £100 worth of free food on each."

"I really want the group to get back to how funny it used to be; while all the warnings are helpful for the student community they do get a bit depressing sometimes, the comment competition will hopefully provide a bit of comic relief."

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The competition will launch tomorrow, and the winner will be revealed at the end of the month.