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The Tab Manchester presents: the battle for Fallowfield’s finest takeaway

We will see Kebab Kingers and Allen’s Chicken Crusaders fighting to the death for this one

The Tab Manchester are holding the mother of all competitions. We want to find out which fine food outlet is Fallowfield’s best take away. Will it be the legendary, but now (very sadly) closed Kebab King? The incredibly imaginatively named Food Express? Long standing and loved by all fallen hero Raj’s? Or maybe an alt newbie like Turkiss or Garden of Vegan?

This is not a competition to be taken lightly. We want you, the beautiful and hungry students of Fallow to nominate your favourite takeaway.

Let the battle commence: Chesters red salt or Dixy Chicken’s inexplicably cheap wraps?

The Tab Manchester will be teaming up with the winner of this highly sought after prize to bring you inside info from Fallow’s fleekiest food outlet.

Send your nominations for Fallowfield’s finest takeaway to [email protected].