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Vote for Fallowfield’s Finest Takeaway: Round One

Let the battle commence

The battle for Fallowfield's Finest Takeaway has begun. Is Turkiss' master cookie the best post-Antwerp food? Or does Saajan's kebab tickle your tastebuds? Vote for your fave in a competition that is frankly more important than your degree.

Chicken King

"Honest to god – the best takeaway I have had in my life before a night out, after or tbh any time. 15/10"


"Turkiss must be nominated and win just for their master cookie"

We’re not 100 per cent sure what a master cookie is, but apparently it should scoop the win for Turkiss. Turkiss is known for its good chat and satisfying food.

Kebab King

Paz the Kebab King himself is friends with half of Fallowfield on Facebook, and by dishing up just as much banter as food, he’s a strong contender.

"Always and forever the best one, good food, amazing atmosphere!"


From the nominations, it’s obvious Saajan has some very loyal customers.

"Saajan is the hands down the best takeaway in Fallowfield… they’ve been fuelling locals and students with the best kebabs for years."

"I’ve been going there for over 10 years and it’s truly iconic."

Venice Pizza

Can’t decide what to have? Venice Pizza's vast selection allows you to branch out from cheesy chips and try something different. In the nominations, strong claims were made.

"We even went sober and it was good."