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The Tab Manchester’s most eligible bachelorette: THE FINAL

Damnnnnnnn all these beautiful girls


The time is almost here to reveal Manchester's most eligible bachelorette. You, the students of Manchester have narrowed down the fit finalists from an incredible 24 potential candidates. It's time to get voting for the best bachelorette that tickles your pickle. May the best gal win.

Kelly Maxwell

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Kelly has assured The Tab Manchester that being a final bachelorette "feels like I'm on cloud nine, nothing will ever compare to this." Since blowing away the competition in the first heat (with over 20 per cent of the vote) Kelly describes her life as "hectic, being in the public eye is stressful, although I do have a few club appearances planned for January time (@AU, hope to see you all there.)" Kelly tells us that with all the hard work in the competition so far, nothing can stop her from winning. Although she would take fellow competitor, Tom Davies, as a compensation prize because he "looks peng in his photo."

Florence Rowson-Stevens

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Florence "Flo" has told us that she feels "truly blessed" to be in the final, as she was up against not only all of the eligible bachelorettes that Manchester has to offer, but also three of her housemates (dubbed as the three finalist housemates.) Flo is also extremely thankful for all of her fans and adds "my bodyguard has recommended that I don’t take the magic bus anymore, it’s not safe with all of the boys within such close proximity." So keep in mind Flo's personal safety and uni transport options when voting. She also told us "I should win because a Flo won last year, so I feel it’s just tradition to have another Flo reign right?!"

Unfortunately for the boys she doesn't have a favourite bachelor "as for my fave bachelor.. I’m yet to meet him, but one thing I know for sure is that he has an HRH in front of his name." Yes kween.

Maddie Bindi

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Maddie, another one of three finalist housemates, told us that her place in the final makes her "feel as though somehow £9000 a year is finally worth it."

"Well the past few weeks have been tough, since three of us are in the final, our house has turned into a war zone- wardrobes have stopped being shared, pillow fights have become fisticuffs and I’m not naming names, but someone’s been drinking my milk."

Maddie would love to win because she desperately needs something to put on her CV. We asked her who her favourite bachelor was and she said that she doesn't really have a favourite. Sorry boys.

Claudia Sarmiento

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Claudia described finding out she had a place in the final as "a bit of a shocker really, I wasn’t aware of my entry." She's chuffed to be running as "Freddie Pearson may know who I am now", she's hoping that if she doesn't win, at least she'll get a few free drinks at squirrels, and her favourite bachelor is whoever is "packing the most".

Georgie Blumer

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Georgie has been struggling to keep up with the competition because the wifi at her house (in Kenya) is "dodgy", so discovering that she was a bachelorette finalist was a shock, although once she had taken some time to comprehend the achievement, she decided it might be her greatest yet. Georgie's also had a bit of an ego boost from the competition, telling The Tab Manchester "I now know 250 people think I am relatively good looking which is good for the old self esteem (wink wink)." She also told us "my fav bachelor is definitely Dan Katzer who studied chemistry and I think there might be some of that between us if you know what I mean."

Alice Coulter

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Alice, one of the notorious three finalist housemates, said of her position in the competition "the support has been overwhelming, very much appreciative of everyone who's been there from day one. My life has changed drastically, from trying to get onto the magic bus in the morning to finding a seat in the Ali G, the crowds of people asking for autographs has been immense". We asked her whether she was intimidated by any of the other bachelorette finalists, in particular the two gals that she lives with; but Alice isn't phased "as much as they are gorgeous, only one from Cawdor road can win." Fighting talk.

Alice is also gunning for an Irish win this year, and she aims to "represent her country", she also added "I couldn't possibly pick from such a great selection of boys, any of the bachelors would be a treat." Very diplomatic, Alice.