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Vote for Manchester’s most eligible bachelorette: heat one

All the single ladies


Vicky Turner-Browne, 2nd Year, Mechanical Engineering

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"You should choose her because she's fit."

Jill Wylie, MMU, PR and Marketing

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Jill is a blonde bombshell boss lady. She has just got out of a DEAD relationship and is looking for a man to wine, dine and 69 her. No wee boys! She is confident, hard working and sure of herself. Confidence is key for any guy interested. Jill also loves to party and has been known to roll into work like a queen with only forty minutes sleep. She's haaaawt.

Meg Wright, 20, Archeology and Anthropology

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Meg is the most eligible bachelorette because she’s a tall leggy blonde who is funny, kind, selfless and loose! She also plays netball for UoM and she’s a pretty cool gal all round.

Even if she doesn’t will, hopefully she’ll get laid because she’s actually trying to lose her virginity before she turns 40.

Katie Berriman Davies, 1st Year, History

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Notoriously known as "Special K", Katie hole Davies has gone a bit mad since being released from her mothers rein's in South London and needs a man to keep her on lock down. She owns four horses, so she definitely knows how to ride. This hasn't stopped her from her ambitious sexual conquests at Antwerp or the smoking area of Gorilla.

Hannah Burton, 20, Speech and Language Therapy

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A model with Body London on the side, she is the most eligible as she’s always life and soul of the party, a proper laugh and always brutally honest with everyone. She’s also up for a kiss (and maybe more) on the first date and an absolute pro at washing up after meals her housemate cooks for her.

Harriet Lord, Geography

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She's Vice-president of the Equestrian Club, knows how to ride and use a whip. AU every week, so available every Thursday in the early hours of the morning. She's great.

Lucy Hodgkin, Sociology

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Great style, great face, great person.

Maddie Bindi, Business Management and Spanish

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This Italian stallion has never lost a race and is ready to leap in to first place. This girl has everything: brains, beauty, banter and booty.. MAMMA MIA what hasn't she got?

Evie Nolan, MMU, International Fashion Marketing

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If go-getter, jet setter, insta-famous bombshells are your thing, then Evangelise Harmony Nolan is the one for you. Footballers want to date her, (we’re not telling who), brands want to promote her (see her insta for promo) and you’d be crazy not to fall head over heels for her! She’s been part of the cheer team, part of the street team- is there anything she can’t do?

Florence Rowson-Stevens, Business and Spanish

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Born in New Zealand, go get her number, this gorgeous kiwi is looking to go down under. With her long golden hair and banterous wit, the guys are all grafting and boy, they won’t quit! So if you are looking for a hot bachelorette, pick Flo Rowson-Stevens- you won’t regret!

Kelly Maxwell, Biomedical science

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They say great things come in small packages, and Kelly Maxwell is no exception to this rule. This is one fiery Irish gal. Kelly is seriously passionate about netball and commits lots of her free time as vice captain. She can deadlift for days and has abs more defined that your future.

She is also dedicated to the SESH. You will find her frequenting AU nights and venues like Hidden, Antwerp and WHP. This girl knows how to have a good time.

She is a master multi-tasker juggling a degree, netball, a part time job and a booming social life.

If your lucky enough to steal her heart, she's well worth the wait.