Exclusive: University of Manchester professor’s sexist and xenophobic Twitter feed exposed

He made sexist remarks about a Cambridge student recently


Robin Marshall was accused of sexism yesterday after tweeting about waking up next to Lola Olufemi, the University of Cambridge Students' Union Women's Officer.

The professor of Physics and Biology at the University of Manchester deleted his tweet but screenshots are circulating online.

The tweet reads: "Imagine what it must feel like to wake up in the morning and realise you are @CUSUWO Or worse waking up to realise you're lying next to her."

He is a fellow of both The Royal Society and the Institute of Physics, and seems to be a friend of Brian Cox, after supervising him during his PhD.

After further investigation, The Tab Manchester has found that the professor has a history of misogynistic tweets and has liked multiple tweets criticising the Islamic faith.

Professor Robin Marshall makes it very clear that not only is he insistent on broadcasting his offensive opinions, despite his role in the academic community, he is also not open to hear anyone else's.

He has "liked" a number of offensive tweets, including some of an Islamaphobic nature, including one from Pauline Hanson, an Australian politician who has previously been accused of racism.

Students, parents and other professionals have reacted with disgust to the professor's comment.

The University of Manchester said in a statement:

"The University of Manchester is aware of this issue and is investigating it internally."

"We would like to make it clear that the University has a zero tolerance approach to any form of bullying and harassment."

Robin Marshall has tweeted an apology to Lola Olufemi, and the University of Cambridge.

The Tab Manchester has also contacted Professor Robin Marshall and Lola Olufemi for comment.