Man arrested in Manchester in connection with London terror attack

He was arrested in West Didsbury

A man, aged 35 was arrested over night in Lawnside Mews, in  relation to the London terror attack.

The arrest was made overnight. An arrest simultaneously took place at in the West Midlands of a woman aged 32.

The Metropolitan police have deemed the arrest as ‘significant’.

The property where the man was taken into custody. Source: M.E.N.

Nine people remain in police custody over the attack which happened at Westminster on Wednesday afternoon.

This comes after residents of Manchester gathered at the town hall to show their condolences to the people of London, and to show their solidarity.

The citizens of Manchester gathered as the town hall lit up in white, blue and red. Source: M.E.N.

GMP say there is no specific intelligence suggesting that there is any raised level of threat within Greater Manchester.