There’s a bug restaurant coming to Manchester

Tarantula burgers and cricket tacos for everyone

With the return of ‘I’m a Celebrity’ to our television screens, we welcome back the infamous bush tucker trails where celebrities eat everything from fish eyes to fermented eggs. Well, now you don’t need to be a celebrity to indulge in such gruesome treats because Manchester’s first bug restaurant is coming.

The South American inspired restaurant, ‘Favela’ will be serving a bug themed buffet serving all your favourite critters from tarantula burgers to cricket tacos. Don’t worry, there will be an extensive cocktail menu to wash this all down.

Favela will be launching in the Northern Quarter on Friday 25th November. The launch party will be carnival themed featuring a Brazilian band and samba dancers.


Favelas marketing team, Oliver Taylor and Oliver Summerfield, who founded Northern Quarter cereal bar Black Milk, told the M.E.N, “There are so many reasons we want to establish the insect market, not just for its unbelievable ecological benefits such as super low carbon footprint and the fact they hold more protein gram for gram than that of a cow, but because they taste great and we are passionate about changing social stigmas and views about food.

“And they are surprisingly nice – even plain they taste a bit like pork scratchings.

“It’s a delicacy in South America to eat tarantulas.

“We’ve been experimenting with a gaucho burger. You’ve got a gorgeous burger, green lettuce and red tomato and you’ve got this egg on top with a tarantula just resting on top of this egg.” Sounds delicious.

If you aren’t really that into the thought of your juicy burger being topped with a creepy crawly then don’t worry, as there are many options which wont be teaming with bugs. Such as rib eye steak with chimichurri or mixed bean mash.

So get yourself down on the 25th and enjoy the bugtastic night, but if you can’t wait, Favela is open now with 50 per cent off, but there will be no bugs until the 25th.