Salford University to offer course in Pokemon Go

Want to catch ’em all? Pay £9,000 for it

In a move which has employers around the world drooling, Salford University is set to offer a Pokemon Go course.

According to lecturer David Kreps, Pokemon Go will make Salford’s Business Information Technology course more accessible, though how chasing Pikachu and Charizard makes a business degree “accessible” is not yet clear.

This vital university experience will truly enhance your job prospects.

The course has led to criticism from Chris McGovern, from the Campaign for Real Education. He claims that it encourages students to leave themselves with large debts for a degree course that opens up a small amount of employment prospects.

Since being released in July, Pokemon Go has awakened the inner nerd buried deep in many of us, but whether it is actually worth studying is a question Salford University will answer.

With this many Drowzee’s I seem to be destined for a 2:2 in my Pokemon course.

Lecturer David Kreps disagrees that the Pokemon course is part of “dumbing down” degrees, saying that he will be asking students to play Pokemon Go but it will also get a “little more complicated”.

Regardless, students will be thrilled to learn their tuition fees are going towards funding such innovative, forward-thinking and accessible courses that will be sure to lure in employers.