Factory will accept food for entry this Tuesday

‘Food for thought’ is giving back to charity for Christmas

Factory will be accepting food in return for club entry on Tuesday. The aim is to feed the poor and homeless this Christmas.

The food will go to Manchester Central Food Bank on the 24th December.

You can give non-perishable food items or donate money to the cause on the door which will go straight to charity.

The night is being run by Rich Reason, owner of the night Hit & Run for the last nine years, and has previously run a similar night using a food payment system at Antwerp Mansion back in May, where £1,500 was raised.

You can be sure to catch the Manchester collective Levelz playing at the event at Factory on the 22nd.

Rich Reason, right, creator of Food 4 Thought

Rich told the M.E.N: “We did another Food 4 Thought event earlier this year and it was a huge success, people really bought into the idea of helping others by bringing along food and goods. With that in mind we wanted to do another fundraiser at the most critical time of the year for our city’s most needy.

“We want to help support the increasing numbers of people sleeping rough on the streets, or the huge amounts of families who can’t make ends meet despite being in work.

“As well as non-perishable food items it would be great if people can bring along toiletries as well.”

No doubt there’ll be a long queue as always outside Factory this Tuesday

Rich clearly has a charitable mind as he was also part of a group that created the night “8 Gold Rings”, also at Factory, which raised money for Salford Royal, in the name of DJ Salford John, who died after being punched.

“All the artists have agreed to play for free, and Fac 251 and Tokyo Industries have given us the building and are covering the security bill.

“So all the money raised from the night and the food donated can go directly to those who need it most.”

The club in the city centre are advocating this method of charity work in Manchester, as is Antwerp Mansion. Considering the vast difficulties that faced the homeless of our city with the closure of many shelters, let’s hope that others follow suit, especially over the festive period.