Half price Nandos: What is your favourite sauce?

‘Anything cheeky’

Users of the new Team First app came swarming into Fallowfield Nandos today for a cheeky 50 per cent discount.

It’s been so popular that the restaurant was completely booked from 1pm-11pm, and people are being turned away at the doors now.

So we headed down to ask people the important question: “What sauce are you having?”

Sam, Gabby, Ben, Archie and Ross, Fourth year Physics

They were stealing loads of glasses as they left

“We’re performing a physics experiment to see whether ‘hot’ is lighter than ‘medium’ so we’re getting both.”

Daisy, Ella and Holly, second years

Waiting for their cheeky takeaway

“We’re all getting a medium takeaway. Ella’s chosen extra hot.”

Sophie and Sophie, second year Fashion

The fashionably medium Sophies

“We’ve chosen lemon and herb and medium.”

Alex and Becky, second year

Extra sauce, hold the chicken.

“We’re not even getting the chicken. But we’ve chosen ‘garlic and herb’ and ‘wild herb’ respectively.”

Toby, Joe, Ben, Ross, second years

These lads just weren’t cheeky enough.

“We were actually turned away, so no sauce for us thanks. But if we were to be in there we’d have either got garlic, or maybe a cheeky one.”