Third year’s Fiat 500 stolen from Beech Grove

She said it was put in the back of a truck and driven away

A third year had her cream Fiat 500 stolen sometime between Saturday and Monday after leaving it parked on Beech Grove.

English student Beth lives on Granville Road, but had parked her car on Beech Grove outside a friends house because she thought it was safer.

She parked the car outside her friend’s house on Saturday 28th November, but when she returned on Monday to drive it, it was gone.

She is now appealing for witnesses who may know more.

She told The Tab: “I thought it had been towed but didn’t know why, so I called police to get towing reference, but they said they had no record of it being towed and were going to report it as a theft.”

Beth went to her friend’s for a glass of wine, which she said immediately calmed her down. After talking it through with her friend, it transpired that her friend may have seen the car getting stolen, not realising it was hers at the time.

However, because she didn’t register the number plate, she can’t be a witness for the police.

Beth is now appealing for information from any possible witnesses or anyone else in the same situation. She said: “If anyone’s seen anything at all, get in touch. Or if anyone else has had a disappearing car, get in touch with me or police.”

It’s not just a case of moving on and buying a new car though, as the car has sentimental value for the English student.

She said: “It was my first car and it’s been to lots of festivals with me. It’s even made a good bed when I’ve had nowhere else to sleep.

“On top of the car going, there was hidden stuff, like a pair of Doc Martens and a Sat Nav.

“Even my favourite Victoria’s Secret bra was inside, maybe that’s why someone took it.”

The disappearance of Beth’s car has also caused her a lot of stress: “Its not like it’s my laptop or my phone, someone’s taken a perfectly secure car. It’s really shocking and stressful for me, I didn’t sleep and it’s probably going to affect third year for me.

“I have distressing images of someone sticking eyelashes onto the headlights and driving it around, but in reality its been dismantled and sold for parts which makes me sadder.”

If anyone has experienced anything similar or seen Beth’s car, email [email protected]