What is the big screen on the Ali G actually for?

No one has a clue

It’s hard to miss, the enormous screen that popped up without much warning earlier this semester.

Everyone’s talking about it, but does anyone really know why it’s there?

We asked you what you thought it was there for.

Tom and Daisy, fourth year IMABS

“It makes the uni look cool and innovative and we’re hoping for a summer film screening.”

Charlotte and Lizzie, second year History

“It should be used for advertising and reminding student of important info. The purple logo looks good in the dark.”

Eve, first year Nursing

“What screen?”

Kelly and Renan, first year

“It’s a bit useless, we didn’t notice it for a while. They should use it to tell us stuff and advertise. At the moment it’s not very informative.”

Marley, second year History and Politics

“I think they use it to embarrass people with pictures of nights out.”

Tom, first year German Studies

“It reminds us of what uni we are actually at.”

Luke, second year Ancient History and Archeology

“The screen is there to show us we’re at a really technological uni. They should use it to advertise events.”