Manchester nights out according to their Facebook reviews

Does anyone actually read them?

Unbeknownst to the average Facebook user is the tool that lets you rate where you go out.

It’s a little bit like a shit version of TripAdvisor, because not many people use it.

But for those that do, the review section of venue Facebook pages is a wonder of the web. It’s a place of violence, unprecedented enthusiasm and strange anecdotes that most people would prefer to forget about.

This in mind, we went on the search for Manchester’s best night out, based solely on Facebook reviews.

Warehouse Project: 4.5 stars

Banging sound system m8


South: 4.2 stars


Kim representing Boon Army

Sound Control: 4.1 stars

Martin had a mad one

Ben, the guy who lives in Sound Controll

Cracking sound

42s: 4.0 stars

Better than Tower to be fair

The cheek

Lock your good shoes away Gary

Factory: 3.9 stars

Massive beats


Please Guys

Koh Tao: 4.7 stars

Hidden: 4.8 stars

Marc, you flirt

Mint Lounge: 3.8 stars

Pardon the pun

Is that allowed Chris?

Antwerp Mansion: 4.3 stars

Classic Roland

Too much for some

Thanks Tina

I bet she is

Ark Deansgate Locks: 4 stars


Fair play

Are they in the same place

Fifth: 3.8 stars

Never again

All those farmers in Fifth

What were you expecting lmao