In defence of Antwerp Mansion

There’s nowhere else like it

Let’s just get one thing straight. Antwerp Mansion is bloody great.

As far as clubs in Manchester go, you’ll struggle to find one I prefer to the mansion.

The graffiti and door-less loos merely add to the unique character and quirky charm of the place. What better way to bond with your mates than shielding each other whilst you go for a piss? If you don’t like the toilets, squatting in the smoking area is always an option. What a novelty.

Top quality selfie mirror

The beauty of Antwerp is the lack of effort required to have a sick night there. You don’t have to spend hours contouring your nose or fake tanning your legs when you could be boozing in the pub.

You won’t spend your night avoiding the cringey grind of cheeky Nando’s lads either. The grimy exterior combined with the lack of smirnoff ice on offer keeps them at bay.

You wouldn’t get this in Tiger Tiger

And lets just talk about the cost. £6 is a bloody good deal for Antwerp. I have no shame in admitting that most weekends I’m happy to pay a tenner for a ticket. And it is so worth it. If you get in there early enough you can get most tickets from £3 anyway, which is an absolute steal. If you get them from the Antwerp website you don’t even need to print them.

Obviously the music isn’t going to be your fave every night, but Antwerp actually has more variety than a lot of other clubs. With designated dubstep, garage, disco and house nights there’s normally a bit of something you like. The mansion also celebrates movie nights and one of the biggest gay nights in Manc, Homoelectric.

As for the queues, we have to queue for every club in Manc and my worst experience was ironically at Ark in Deansgate Locks. Due to Antwerp’s generosity with lack of a last entry time, the queues actually tend to be pretty manageable.

I mean sure, you’ll probably have a slightly better night if you’re on it – but when is that not the case? And that’s not to say you’ll have a shit night otherwise. A boozy night in Antwerp is a treat in itself.

What other club has signs reminding you to say please and thank you to the bar staff? There’s nothing like a club with ethics.