We marched in Reclaim the Night to protest the recent Fallowfield attacks

‘After everything that has happened recently, something has to change’


Massive crowds gathered in Owen’s Park for the Reclaim the Night March this week. 

This year saw a record turn out, with an estimated 2000 people gathering to march from Fallowfield all the way down to the Student Union.

Although it’s an annual event organised by the Union, the recent sex attacks really brought home the relevance of the march. The protest united men and women through a collective voice for change.

The aim of the march says it wants to “reclaim our streets, and to raise our collective voices in protest of street harassment, violence against women, rape culture and victim blaming”.

“Its scary, every time I read the newspapers there is a new story.”
Guy, 2nd Year, Social Anthropology

“Events like this should be the focus, not the rapes themselves.”
Jen, 2nd Year, Social Anthropology 

“I came to Manchester to study, not to be a victim of crime. I should feel safe in Fallowfield.”
Jordanah, 1st Year, English 

Some of the popular chants amongst the crowds were: “Who’s streets…..Our streets”, “My body, my choice”, “2, 4, 6, 8, stop the violence, stop the rape” and “Blame the system, not the victim”.

“Feminism is not about hating men but fighting for equality.”
Cassie, 2nd Year, French and Mandarin 

“A wonderful space for like-minded people.”
Dean, 1st Year, Electrical Engineering

At the end of the march everyone congregated outside the Union where Women’s Officer Jess Lishak addressed the crowd and got everyone fired up.

“I’m here because I shouldn’t have to light a cigarette or hold my keys between my fingers to feel safe as I walk home.”
Ayesha, 2nd Year, PPE

“After everything that has happened recently, something has to change.”
Jasmine, 2nd Year, Maths

After, Jess Lishak said: “Reclaim the Night was an incredible event, with the huge turnout showing how many people from all over Manchester really care about these issues, and want something to be done about sexual violence against women, street harassment and victim blaming.

“Through our collective power, we can bring about change. On Thursday 26th February, we raised our collective voices and made ourselves too visible to ignore when we took to the streets in our thousands for Reclaim the Night.”