Meet the third year blogger who is more famous than you

On track for a first and collaborating with ASOS, Motel and Missguided

Greedy uni bosses rake in £15k in halls fines in a year

As if £6000 a year on accommodation wasn’t enough

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Cheer up hun

9am campus style

They all made a lot of effort

Oak House room goes up in flames after fresher leaves hair straighteners on


Nigel Farage is laughing at your humanities degree

And he doesn’t even have one

Tinder, what happened to you?

You used be a laugh

Sick pharmacy grad locked up for 15 years after filming himself rape a two-year-old

Jeremy Oketch pleaded guilty to the disgusting rape at his hearing

Can’t we just stay at predrinks forever?

I don’t want to get in for free before 11pm

Third year accuses Wetherspoons of refusing to serve her because of the way she looks

Customers told her she was a ‘freak show’

North campus buildings evacuated after ‘student experiment gone wrong’

Acetone peroxide had crystalised and could have exploded

Two 21-year-old girls sexually assaulted on Wilmslow Road

Police have released CCTV images of the suspect

We marched in Reclaim the Night to protest the recent Fallowfield attacks

‘After everything that has happened recently, something has to change’

I was on my way to lectures when I saw a taxi catch fire and explode

I was late for labs because I watched a car on fire

Foiled! Pranksters wrap OP fresher’s entire bedroom in tin foil

Rogue scenes

New app earns you money every time you use your phone

Think of all the money you could have earned already this year

GMP: Why are you targeting house parties instead of keeping rapists off the streets?

‘I carry pepper spray to walk to the bus stop’

The Tab guide to Manchester is here

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