Fallowfield’s Best Date Nights

Pick somewhere good or you’ll die alone

Hey, we know you’re bricking it about that first date. The Tab is here to help.

You’re welcome.

Fallow Cafe – 9/10


This bar and cafe is perfect for a date at any time of day. The food and atmosphere is not too pretentious and should ensure a romantic evening that will feel like something straight out of a rom com.


Font Bar – 6/10

Impress your date with your love and ability to drink cheap cocktails until you can no longer stand. This will help to numb the awkwardness when you can’t hear each other because the music is too loud.

However it’s close enough to almost everyone’s gaff that you can leave as soon as you like.

Koh Tao – 7/10

Another perfect indie hang out with good vibes and good food to ensure a successful evening of romance. Warning: food is Thai/ Vietnamese (obviously) so proceed with caution.

Fuel – 8/10

This Withington vegan cafe is the perfect place to avoid that person from your course that you don’t know very well but feel you should say hello too. They also provide Monopoly and newspapers in case you date is not as interesting and fun as they seemed the other night in Gold Teeth.

256 – 6/10

Everybody loves 256, known for its pitchers of beer and cocktails as well as elderly DJ’s who look like they’re having a great time. However be aware your date could turn into an AU social on a Wednesday night. Is this a good or bad thing? We’re actually not sure.


Kro Bar – 7/10

Excellent location for a casual meet up after lectures. Proving you are equally studious as you are romantic.


Fallowfield Revs – 8/10

The lighting in here strongly conveys that this is a date, should there be any confusion. The Strawberry Woo Woo cocktails are delicious and the constant flow of confused looking SKUM members passing through should keep you entertained for hours.