What your Fallowfield road says about you

It’s all true

Fallowfield, our dearly beloved neighbourhood. A far from sleepy town with diverse nightlife, exotic chicken restaurants and an unusual amount of off-licenses. There’s nowhere else quite like it.

It’s a suburban creature like no other that literally feeds on sex, drugs and Sainsbury’s basics. It’s neither diurnal nor nocturnal – it never sleeps and it sees its fair share of weird shit.

The inhabitants are a wayward bunch, some from as far as Surrey, others as close as Hulme.

Yet some choose to settle down here for three whole years, some even more – and what road they live on says a lot more than you might think about their personality.

Dearly beloved

Egerton Road

What a classic

Winners of best house party 2014

Dwellers of the big E, know to them as “Edgyton Rd”, have a lot to live up to. Much like Oasis and The Hacienda, it’s managed to earn itself a bit of cult status. Oh you live on Edgerton? You must be a proper no-nonsense Manchester student. If you were a drink, you’d be a pint of larger (with a packet of nuts).

Egerton Road is a classic example of the class and beauty that can be found in the depths of South Manchester, with it’s delightfully standard red brick houses, random alleyways and abundance of theft.

But the truth is, you’re quite unoriginal and you didn’t look very hard for a house, because there’s hundreds of them here. You chose a house here because it’s convenient for Fallowfield’s least vibesy pub, the Friendship, or because you’re not that bothered about your new MacBook going missing. You sir, are very standard.


Granville Road


Named “Best Road To Live on in Fallowfield” last year, there’s a strong correlation between being cool and living on Granville. “Who hasn’t been to a colossal house party on Granville, famous for their plethora of BNOCs, furnished basements and an abundance of everlasting fun?” is what its residents brag. And to be fair to them, they’ve got a lot going for them.

It’s just the right location – not quite in the suburbia of Withington, but if you live there, you’ve managed to position yourself a tasty distance away from mainstream Fallowfield, meaning you get the pleasure of the bus before it’s busy.

I don’t know if you’ve heard but Granville folk go out a lot, so the Maccys, Chicken King and Spoons are key for that hangover they tend to have about five days a week. Plus, did you go that sick party on Granville last night?

Derby Road

Not quite edgerton

You think you’re too good for Egerton do you? There’s not a great deal to Derby Road, other than the occasional bizarre community street party and some pretty huge houses. It’s basically where the people who’ve rejected Egerton for being too obvious and recognisable go. You consider yourself a little more humble, and would probably choose a joint over a pint of anything, mainly because you don’t “get” drinking games.

If you are getting on the booze, it will be a tin of own-brand lager, and it will be enjoyed with a slightly unkempt haircut and a winter coat indoors. Derby is dangerously close to the weird and wonderful establishment that is The Ram and that’s why you love it.

Cawdor, Mabfield, Furness, Landcross

Are those shoes over the telephone wires?

You’re so Magic Bus

You’re 256. You’re Gaffs. You’re Kebab King. You are basically Owen’s Park Tower. It doesn’t get any more Fallowfield than this. Sure, they are the dampest, smelliest, most burgled and overpriced crack dens in the area, but isn’t that what it’s all about? You’ve come to Manchester to experience Madchester. No one pulls off grunge appeal quite like you can.

Amherst Road


It was supposed to be a quiet one

We get it, you’re pretty loose. Renowned for its ridiculous house parties, so mad that MPs chatted about them in Parliament and the police arrested students at one, Amherst Road is the place to live if you like people knowing you have fun.  This one time, the floor even caved in.

Congratulations – you know a lot of people, can DJ a bit and have a tiny garden that ends up looking like the ground at the end of a Glastonbury every Saturday night.

It’s not in the most convenient of places, but who cares when you’re this hardcore?

Booth Ave

We hadn’t heard of it either

Not quite Egerton, not quite Mauldeth. It’s the road that no one really wants to admit they live on. “Booth” might sound a bit like “booze” but don’t be fooled into thinking this road has many students. You’re more likely to live opposite your landlady’s cousin, brother or grandmother. Not that they’re not fun, but the vibes aren’t quite right.

You probably left it quite late for your house hunt, but at least you’re near Specsaver’s. In conclusion, you’re quite boring and embarrassingly unorganised. And probably from Man Met.

Standish Road

Stand-ard Road

An unimaginative choice

Standish Road is a good choice if you’re constantly hungry but lazy as fuck. Sainsbury’s is literally on your door step, so stocking up on munchies takes absolute minimal effort. Either that or you like the idea of being seen.

Although you’ll never run out of food, you might run out of expensive electrical items as Standish is infamous for.